Heart Surgery™

Elizabeth Winkler and her team are proud to announce the arrival of Heart Surgery™. Heart Surgery™ is a process Elizabeth created two years ago with her son, Eli. Since then, Elizabeth has taught this process to a variety of children and adults in hope to free the emotional heart from pain and suffering. As a psychotherapist, Elizabeth’s desire is to provide a path to freedom for everyone, and she hopes this process will allow more children to grow up without the stories that recycle pain and suffering.

Heart Surgery™ Kit for Kids will soon be available for families to easily use at home, in restaurants, airplanes, car rides, and during any challenging time. This kit will transform those tantrums and traveling challenges into opportunities to expand children to be more capable, empowered, and resilient. We cannot wait to see how families and children respond to this process around the world.
We are all drops of water in the ocean, but when we come together we become a tidal wave of LOVE that can turn the tide for all beings.

With love and light,
The Heart Surgery ™ Team

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