Soul Mechanix Workshop

soul mechanix

New course is starting Sunday 6/6/21

1This Eight-Week Course Will Help You To Understand The Mechanix Of The Mind, Heart, Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Attention, And Intention.

2 Each Week We Will Focus On A New Sector Of Life To Further Understand How To Navigate Life With Intention.

the heart

The heart is where you will learn to deepen into healing processes to unveil your truth and the well of love inside you.

the mind

The mind is a powerful tool, and you will learn many strategies to employ your mind.


You will learn how to become the author of your own life, to speak your own truths, and live intentionally in 2021.


You will learn to use attention as a powerful resource to grow the garden that you have planted.


Each of the meetings will be grounded by meditation process to integrate your learning and personal process.

New course is starting Sunday 6/6/21

Meeting are one hour from 3pm - 4pm Pacific on Sundays on Zoom.
No meeting on July 4th and we will end on 8/1/21.

8 Weeks

There are no rollovers, recording will be available.

If you prefer you can pay via Venmo @ewinklertherapy, and please include your email and the workshop you are signing up for in the Venmo comment. If you are unable to attend a live session we will send you a recording.