The gusty winds of life often knock us down.

If we can allow the fall - and go with it
There is a love and embrace
That returns with grace. Resist Nothing!

For if you do, you will only claw
Your way through life and never see
The paths that lay waiting for you.


Being a therapist, I often get calls from people pushed around by these gusty winds of life. I am grateful to be the one to take the call. Our work together can guide them back to a center they can anchor into no matter what storms come. This is my purpose.

My philosophy has evolved as I have evolved as a therapist. Incorporating meditation and mindfulness has helped accelerate my clients’ personal growth and expansion. Every single client and group is unique. Through our process I support and guide clients to take flight in ways they didn’t think were possible.

The most crucial guidance for clients to follow now and always is deep within them. It is beyond all the pain and suffering. Together we learn to access this way of being. It is a place of stillness and peace which always knows the path to walk on. But it is not planned. It is felt in each moment. This can become a natural state that one lives from always. When living life in this way, life opens up to abundant possibility.


Therapist Background and Training


I found psychology in college and knew it was my calling.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology, Cum Laude from Tulane University.  My graduate work was completed at Pacifica Graduate Institute where I completed a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology.

Further Training

I have been fortunate to work in clinics, hospitals and private practices which have developed my abilities as a growing therapist. From working intensely in the HIV/AIDS community with children, couples, and adults to being a strong component of the Palliative Care Department at a hospital facing grief and death/dying issues. My supervision during those earlier years with 6 different supervisors exposed me to a variety of valuable interventions as well as models for treatment. I constantly continue to challenge myself as a therapist.

Counseling Approach

I have great faith and understanding in a variety of therapeutic models such as narrative, depth oriented, existential, and cognitive behavioral therapy. My model for treatment of each client depends of course on that particular person's needs and goals. To the best of my ability I meet my clients in their inner world and help unravel old beliefs, structures, and systems that usually do not serve them any longer. Freedom to find the true self is a hope I have for my clients.

More about Elizabeth

Elizabeth Winkler, Founder of Heart Surgery Kit

Elizabeth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Meditation Teacher who practices in Beverly Hills, CA. She incorporates mindfulness and meditation to help accelerate her clients’ personal growth and expansion. Integrating mindfulness into the therapeutic process deepened her work exponentially and she quickly saw how effective this practice was for her clients. Elizabeth calls mindfulness "the bullet train to freedom". Inspired by these findings, she created a mindfulness process that we are proud to call Heart Surgery®. She has taught the Heart Surgery process to many children around the nation, and evolved it into a mindfulness kit for kids so that children could use it as a daily practice for emotional healing. In 2018 Elizabeth took the first 300 kits to Sierra Leone, Africa with Tiffany Person’s nonprofit organization, Shine on Sierra Leone. In addition to this, she has provided therapy on BRAVO and OWN. She is a featured blogger for Laura Wasser’s divorce platform, It’s Over Easy, which allows her to help individuals, couples, and families mindfully untether from marriages. Elizabeth has also hosted a meditation retreat, brought her mindfulness teachings into classrooms, college campuses, homes, to athletes across the country, mothers and children, and more. Her core objective is to equip each client with the tools to garner self-awareness, ensuring maximum personal growth.

Elizabeth Winkler, M.A. LMFT is licensed by the State of California and is a clinical member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Board Member of Shine on Sierra Leone