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Liddy's Love

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Liddy’s Love was birthed on the 25th anniversary of Liddy’s death 8-14-2019. Liddy’s Love is a love project sustained through acts of kindness and creating heart to heart connections across our globe. It is a reminder to bring attention to our endless renewable resource which lives within our hearts.

We invite you to become part of this love ripple by downloading these tags and attaching 2 to a rose and hand them out to loved ones or random human beings that you feel drawn to spread this love to. The hope is to help us all REMEMBER the ways we can connect with love within ourselves and HEAL our hearts through presence. Share LOVE today!

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Liddy's Love Rose Tag

Liddy’s Love has landed in your lap. This love ripple was birthed on 8-14-19, the 25th anniversary of Liddy’s death. Shortly before she died, a family member promised Liddy he would send roses to her family on her birthday with a card simply stating “Remembering”. This simple act of love, kindness and remembrance has been repeated every year for 25 years. Although her body died, just as this rose will, her love has continued to grow and is now growing here by reaching YOU.

In reaction to the challenges we all face in our lives, we often block and imprison our naturally loving and vulnerable hearts. As a result, we can become disconnected from our families, our communities and most importantly ourselves. Liddy’s Love is a gentle reminder of our vital heart-to-heart connection to our human family, and the power of consistent acts of loving kindness towards our fellow human beings. It is also an offering to release the pain and suffering you feel, so that you can reconnect to the endless and renewable resource of love that resides within all our hearts.

With this single rose, we invite you to pause, visualize your own heart and remember that you hold the keys to soften and free it. We begin by placing our hands on our heart, and accepting this moment as it is. Then, we bring a big belly breath of love into our hearts and on the exhale release any armor that may be surrounding it. Continue this breathing process for as long as you like. Appreciate and enjoy your rose, and as the days pass and its petals begin to fall, feel the armor around your heart falling along with them. Through this transformation, the power of your own heart’s love is revealed.

If you feel inspired, we invite you to keep this love ripple alive by using this second tag. You can attach it to another rose or any other piece of nature and give it to a loved one, a stranger or leave it on a doorstep. You can also simply give this gift of presence by sharing just the tag. Whether attached to a flower or not, we all have the ability to share this LOVE and PRESENCE with each other, and we hope Liddy’s Love inspires you to do the same.


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Love Ripple Map

Please let us on where you will spread this love that heals hearts on the globe by emailing us. We are tracking the love ripple and would love to include your impact here so we can inspire and unite others to share love with our human family.

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5 dots lined side by side in various colors

To request additional tags and to learn more about how to help spread Liddy’s Love, contact us using the form below or download your own Liddy's Love Rose Tag here.