Liddy's Love Roses

LIddy’s Love

In 1 week, a love ripple will begin.

It is about REMEMBERING our human family and our vital heart to heart connection. It is an offering of sharing love, kindness, and healing presence for ourselves and each other. Love is an endless renewable resource which lives deep within our hearts, yet we often block our hearts which leads to disconnection from our families, our communities and most importantly ourselves.

We invite you to become part of this love ripple by joining many across the globe in this act of kindness and human connection so that we can remember what matters most in ourselves and each other: our PRESENCE and LOVE.

We can heal.

Let us know if you will join, and where you will be spreading this love ripple. We start on 8-14-19 and will continue to share beyond that date. Feel free to contact us for more info and visit the Heart Surgery Kit Liddy’s Love page to download printable tags. Let us know where you will share as we are documenting all the corners it will be touching. 🌎

Tune in Friday @cbsla KCAL 12pm.I will be sharing more on Liddy’s Love🌹