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Heart Healing Course

What are you holding onto that is blocking your bliss?

Jack Kornfield said, “You can hold on, but you’ll get rope burn.” It’s time to release the ropes that tie you to the pain of the past and the fear of the future. Now is the perfect time to let go of these blockages and this method provides the way in 4 easy to follow guided lessons.

What is the mud in which you sit?

The pain, regret, loneliness, or heartbreak you may still be holding onto? We often resist the mud in which we feel stuck in, we want to run, escape or we just hate it. Taking time to embrace the mud allows healing and deep growth just like the lotus rises from the mud. This lead me to the transformational method that I am calling H. A. T. E.

davidji on H.AT.E.

Illustration of holding

H: what are you holding into?

Can you accept a feeling illustration

A: can you accept this feeling?

illustration of trust

T: are you willing to trust this feeling?

illustration of can u give permission for this energy to expand ?

E: can u give permission for this energy to expand?

Through this practice you will see that the wound truly is the way.  That the hate you have held can now be the path to your purpose, power and wisdom. Simply by holding the energy and showering it with acceptance, trust & permission to show you the way to expand into abundance.

Here is a testimonial from one client….

“With Elizabeth as my guide throughout the HATE process, I finally felt safe enough to go into the darkest and most painful places inside of me. It’s made all the difference in my life.

It’s shown me that my light was never extinguished, it was just blocked by the trapped emotions and wounds I didn’t think I was strong enough to face, or felt too ashamed to face, or didn’t even know were there. Opening myself up to H.A.T.E. has allowed me to start alchemizing them and is ultimately restoring my connection to my true self, my heart, and my body. I can feel my faith in myself and in life returning.

I use H.A.T.E. every day now for activations of all sizes as I continue to heal and let go. I’m so grateful for Elizabeth and this process — now that I have them both in my life, I don’t know what I’d do without them and I am so grateful for powerful tool.”

- Andrea, age 27

HATE heart healing process

In this course you will use my H. A. T. E. methodology to move beyond self-doubt, anxiety, grudges, grievances, regrets, grief and trauma.

  • In lesson 1, you will learn how to identify and mobilize the energy.
  • In lesson 2, you will make peace with your past by accepting the energy that has been hidden in the shadows.
  • In lesson 3, you learn how to restore trust and release yourself from the grip of fear.
  • In lesson 4, you learn how to expand and shift into a new path. An 18 minute guided meditation and handout will also be included!

Now is the time to make the shift from fear to freedom, and this course will show you the way.

Let’s get started!!

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