Tools for Transformation

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6 Universal Needs of the Heart

Which one(s) nourishes you? Want deeper connection? What are your self-care, heart-felt needs?

7 Steps To Move You Through Anxiety And Fear

Presence is the one thing that you can always rely on. It never leaves you and its depth is endless. Access this vast library and loving energy.

Seven Chakras

Each chakra has a bija (meaning seed) sound that creates stability in the chakra. You can silently repeat these mantras in order to bring consciousness, expansion, and alignment to the chakra that you choose.

Full Moon Release Guide

The Full Moon is a powerful time to release the old patterns and frequencies that no longer serve you and express gratitude for the abundance of the present moment. This guide intends to help you become the conduit of your life and align with your intuition by harnessing the lunar energy of the Full Moon.

New Moon Intention Guide

Harness the strong lunar energy to help manifest your dreams, launch new projects, and tune into your authentic alignment or your North Star with my free New Moon Intention Guide.


This meditation allows you to connect to your inner calm. When we get lost in the turbulent activity of thoughts and feelings we are left feeling disconnected, anxious, and despondent. We can pause and connect with our breath and the space between breaths which allows us to access the well of peace that dwells within each one of us.


Allow me to be your guide inside as we shift to a deeper understanding of the chattering mind and the power of your attention. I often say allow your thoughts to be drops of water. We know that where attention goes energy flows and often find ourselves lost in thought streams, rivers, or oceans of thinking.


Join me as I guide you in this meditation to connect with your constant companion, your breath. If you face loneliness, grief, stress, or uncertainty we can pause here together and deepen into presence and the stillness within us. We also create a personal mantra for your day or evening. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide inside.


Allow me to be your guide inside as we pause for 4 minutes with any turbulent energy in your mind, body, and heart. This mindfulness practice allows you to slow down, witness, accept and allow any activated energy to be transmuted with your gentle awareness. We shift from resistance to acceptance which allows the energy to process more effectively. Give your heart and mind a quick reset anytime you feel turbulence within.


The focus of this meditation is coming home to the heart, coming home to ourselves. Pema Chodron said, “Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already.” Join me on this heart healing exploration into your deeper Self.

Calm Corner

Take mindfulness time in mere seconds with your mindfulness snowglobe.


Allow me to be your guide inside to sleep tonight. In this meditation, we move through our bodies with gentleness, acceptance, and gratitude. Allow your body to receive the support of relaxation and letting go in this bedtime body scan. For more tools and tips on how to deepen into relaxation, visit my website, or follow me on social media. Namaste.