Women's Healing Circle

Women's Healing Circle

1 In this weekly circle, we will explore various aspects of empowerment, clarity, strength and healing. This circle is a safe space where you will be learning about a new topic each week, combined with meditation and Q&A's.

2 I will be utilizing proven techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and trauma. As shared, I will choose a new topic each week to discuss—these could include: acceptance, manifestation, shadow work, loneliness, anger, chakras, heart healing, forgiveness, intention and more.

3 Together, we will explore the power of presence in healing community and connecting to your inner wisdom. You will deepen your meditation practice and mindset, helping you to remain centered and calm. At the end of the circle, there will be a mantra or practice to implement into your everyday life.

4 This circle is open to any and every woman. Though we all may possess different energies, this is a safe space for all women to come together. There is power in community, growing better together.

5 Space is limited.

This will be a safe space for women to come and engage in their own emotions, while also engaging and supporting other women as well. I hope to be able to create a space for us to all grow “better together” and create lasting authenticity with one another!

I believe that this will be an incredible opportunity for every woman involved to gain access to their native energies, deepen confidence and authenticity. I hope to see you there! As I frequently say, the wound is the way.

Share this slide with any woman (due to us being virtual) who you would like to raise your vibration with!

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