Elizabeth Winkler sitting cross legged in a hut in Bhutan

Bhutan’s Blessings

I have recently returned from a life-changing journey into the heart of the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan. I knew this place would shift me but was not sure how. Now I’m starting to see. As I am settling back into life here in LA, I am being gifted with many moments of reflection and inquiry as to what really matters in our lives.

In Bhutan, it was obvious to see that when a country values happiness as the most critical component of their society then all else comes into cooperation and care. Everything and everyone is valued with this perspective. Thus, compassion is the air and breath of Bhutan.

Being there I came to see what matters and what doesn’t. And most things just don’t. Yet we spend so much time creating stories in our minds and lives about made-up realities to make us feel better about ourselves but ultimately we feel more insecure and needy to validate this conjecture. It’s a lot of wasted energy. And it is all self-created. It’s hard to see it when we are drowning in it. So I am choosing to take time to write, reflect and share how we all can embrace and ripple out the natural goodness, happiness, and peace that lives within each of us. Unfortunately, we don’t all know this. We are so conditioned to believe we are not enough, we are in a waiting period, holding on to regrets and anxieties which limit our ability to access our abundant nature. Then one day we get a diagnosis or have a sudden loss and maybe at that moment we awaken to see how critical our present moment is, that NOW is the only thing we have. In the now, I access my natural uniqueness. I connect with my abundance. It’s actually so simple we often miss it. It’s so easy to fall asleep in this world, we all do. It’s ok. So what can you do?

Be deliberate, kind, and forgiving.

Elizabeth smiling into the camera with sunglasses on with Bhutan in the background

Be Deliberate

Choice and attention are your superpowers at each moment. You have the power to orient your life however you choose. Meditation has been central to helping me and my clients with this. Also, inquiry is another way to heighten your awareness with purpose and passion. As I awaken in the morning what energy do I want to bring into the world today? What value is central for me today?

Child being held waving at the camera

Be Kind

Kindness is key. Because you will fall down again and again, and so will the people around you. We are learning how to walk each day through our lives and we can choose to judge ourselves as stupid failures or encourage ourselves to get back up and keep going as we would a baby learning to walk. Remember this for yourself and others. There is no finish line. It is here now and how we handle it is our choice.

Two dogs sitting on stone fence in the sun

Forgiveness Frees

Forgive failures, judgments, and harshness that have led you here. You are human, darkness exists, and that is natural. Accept that, and allow it space to be felt and healed. You can forgive and grow.

As you integrate these 3 orienting energies into your life you will deepen your purpose and widen your heart's capacity for compassion and cooperation. I think our current world could definitely use a little more of that, don’t you?

As I continue to settle back into my life here in western society and unpack more lessons I want to express my depth of gratitude for you, and wish you lasting love and peace. With so much changing in our fast-paced society, years fly by like months, and we often get caught up in seeking more rather than being with what’s here. You have the power to stay present, and be deliberate, kind, and forgiving in your interactions with this dreamlike moving picture of your life.

I hope you are feeling well and if you are in a struggle know you are not alone. I’m here if you need a reminder that you are an abundance of magic. If you need help accessing it just let me know. It is an honor to walk the path of life gently beside you.

From my heart to yours, Namaste.

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