How to take your spiritual practice to the next level? Conscious Personal Inquiry.

Ignite Your Passion

Meditation is an essential ingredient for staying connected to the power of presence. At times, we reach a point when things feel stale. If this resonates, I invite you to take your practice to the next level by using an empowering inquiry process.

Many of our dreams lay dormant as seeds within our hearts. Through the power of inquiry, we ACTIVATE them so that they may sprout and grow into their destiny. In tandem with the cosmos, Pluto just moved retrograde for the next 5 months, which provides an opportunity for you to transform through letting go, deepening into presence, freedom and awareness. This opens the door to a deeper spiritual practice.

Recently, I have been deeply inspired by the teachings of Dr. Michael Beckwith, which helped me develop eight questions to enhance your practice:

  • "What area of my life needs attention?"
  • "Where can I let go?"
  • "Where can I grow and heal?"
  • "What gift within me is seeking to be expressed?"
  • "What native energies within want to be activated?"
  • "What is the next step in my own unfolding?"
  • "How can I express my gifts to help and serve others?"

This inspiring inquiry encourages reflection, raises your frequency, accesses the depth of the universal mind & shifts your roadblocks into opportunities. Allow the next 5 months of this Pluto Retrograde to take you to the deepest level possible inside. Live these questions and expand your awareness on how your life can align with your soul mission. Practice these questions after morning meditation or before bed and pay attention to the reflections you receive through others and in your dreams.

Live these questions and you expand your frequency and your contribution to humanity. If you want to explore this, my Weekly Women's Wellness Workshop this week will dive more deeply into creating your own personal inquiry.

Let Go and Flow



Our Weekly Women's Wellness Workshop is every Thursday at 10AM PST. I invite you to join in on a profound journey, where we will explore conscious personal inquiry in depth.

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