Teotihuacán – Pirámide De Sol

Elizabeth meditates in front of a pyramid

When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected. The greatest tragedy of human existence is the illusion of separateness. —Albert Einstein In these dark times you may feel disconnected, separate and powerless. Remember the absolute truth Einstein realized and shared that our separation is illusory and our power…

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3 Therapist-Approved Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter blues signal your out of balance. – ELIZABETH WINKLER If you feel the pangs of the winter blues like clockwork each year, it’s important to note that you’re neither broken nor alone. Better yet, you’ll want to remember that we’re slowly but surely inching our way to brighter days—both metaphorically and literally—as spring is nearly…

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The Letters Of L.O.V.E.

Join me LIVE this Thursday, February 11th at 6PM PST for a deep talk and meditation on the  New Moon in Aquarius on Insight Timer “Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80, Greek three, and English only one. This is indicative of the poverty of awareness or emphasis that we give to that tremendously important realm of feeling.…

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Learn To Be More Present In 10 Simple Ways

Cultivate Joy

In the spirit of the Holiday season, you might find yourself feeling distracted. There always seems to be lots to do, prepping for the days to come. This year, if any year has shown, it is imperative to maintain presence. Presence is the root of enjoyment in life. From connecting with your immediate surroundings to meditating as well…

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Starting Your Meditation Practice

heart drawn on beach

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already.  Pema Chödrön In the last weeks, I have witnessed many losses among clients and friends. This is a very challenging time for so many of us and I hope that if you are struggling that you…

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Pausing with Uncertainty

I can handle my heart illustration

We have been paused, here and now in this present moment together in the middle of an unprecedented time.  My question is, how can we use the pause to appreciate the lessons within the pain and uncertainty? My life is dedicated to turning towards pain and becoming friendly with the great unknowns of life.  The uncertainty of our…

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Couples Meditation Could Be The Solution

couple walking on the beach in the surf

This Valentine’s day I had the honor of being quoted in a new article from the Zoe Report on couples meditation by Yola Robert. In addition to trust issues and miscommunication, feeling disconnected from your significant other can be one of the worst things to encounter in a relationship. Been there? You can’t quite put your…

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The Well Within You

beach meditation

2019 was a year of transformation for me. I chose to commit deeply to meditation by becoming a certified meditation teacher. I started meditating 20 years ago, but when I shifted from a crisis meditator to a daily meditator, close to 5 years ago, my life entered a whole new realm.

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Healing this Holiday

Elizabeth and Chloe Meditate

As we enter Thanksgiving today with family, friends or on your own, may we take time to pause and remember that our deepest power lies within. Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for so many but there are many ways to change the paths we feel so stuck to in life. We often fall asleep…

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Liddy’s Love on CBS

Liddy's Love on CBS KCAL 9

Marriage and family therapist Elizabeth Winkler drops by the CBS KCAL9 studio to talk about the Liddy’s Love project and where you can download your free Liddy’s Love printable tags.  

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Heart Surgery Kit Spanish Expansion

spanish language mindfulness kit

We are pleased to announce our Mindfulness Kits for Kids are now available in a second language, Spanish. A couple months ago, Elizabeth’s dear friend, Shamanic teacher and cranial sacral therapist, Orit Bornstein, came to her with a beautiful idea. She was in the process of planning a pilgrimage to Peru, and was thinking about…

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Time has flown by this year and I wanted to pause and reflect on the power of integrating presence into our lives. With the recent launch of the Heart Surgery Mindfulness Kit, we are beginning to do events nationally so that we can soothe and nurture more hearts across the globe. It has been an…

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