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Heart Surgery Kit Spanish Expansion

We are pleased to announce our Mindfulness Kits for Kids are now available in a second language, Spanish. A couple months ago, Elizabeth’s dear friend, Shamanic teacher and cranial sacral therapist, Orit Bornstein, came to her with a beautiful idea. She was in the process of planning a pilgrimage to Peru, and was thinking about the children she would be connecting with while traveling to Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. She asked if Elizabeth had done a Spanish language version of the Heart Surgery Mindfulness Kit, and Elizabeth responded that we needed one because she had been in conversations with a mindfulness teacher in Mexico City who wants to expand the process there. Elizabeth enthusiastically responded to this request with “Let’s do it!”

We are happy to report that this week Elizabeth was able to give Orit the first lovingly translated and packed Cirugía del Corazón Kits. We are deeply grateful to Orit for her generous heart, and the work she does to bring more peace, love and beauty into the world. Elizabeth is not able to join this journey to Peru, but we are grateful that Heart Surgery Mindfulness Kits will be a part of this pilgrimage to spread love and heal little South American Hearts. Please reach out to us if you or a community you know may benefit from our newest Spanish version of the kits.

As we continue to expand into many different languages, we must always remember the universal language of our hearts: LOVE. We can easily communicate this language of love through a smile or a loving kindness mantra or intention anywhere we go. Most importantly, start communicating this love to your own heart. When we can slow down and accept the turbulence in our hearts and minds, we can feel the love and peace within and expand love on our planet.

Heart Surgery Mindfulness Kit

The Heart Surgery Kit is a unique, creative, mindfulness practice kit for children and adults developed by psychotherapist Elizabeth Winkler. With easy to understand instructions, children can experience the benefits of mindfulness through a fun and easy process. Developed for use with grade school children in California, the kit has now been used all over the world including Sierra Leone where your purchase of a kit will help to end hunger! Kits can be used by a single child or multiple kits can be employed in groups or classrooms.
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