Om For The Holidays

“OM” For The Holidays

The holidays can be very stressful. From endless expectations to the pressure to buy presents, one can easily be overwhelmed. Add separation and divorce to this busy time of year and you have even more shuffling and stressors to deal with. At it’s over easy we provide a platform that puts the control in your hands. The site also provides tools to help you navigate through divorce and some of life’s ups and downs along the way.

Our culture tends to get focused on PRESENTS during the holidays, but I’d like to turn you toward PRESENCE. You don’t have to be a meditator or yogi to reap the always available benefits of being more mindful. Here are some simple ways you can incorporate presence into your life that will help you experience more gratitude, curiosity, happiness and wonder.

5 Ways To Bring The Joy Of PRESENCE Into Your Holiday Season

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