365 Intention



As we approach a new year, we are planting our New Year’s Intentions with our focus on what we value most and what we intend to create. Intention is what birthed this kit and we look forward to what will flower in 2019.

Here at Heart Surgery Kit, we have put intention into every single component of our kit including our price! $36.50 3-6-5

Our mantras and values here are twofold, teaching children “I can handle my heart” and that each kit helps “end hunger today” by providing a meal for a child with each kit purchase @shineonsierraleone. Each number 3-6-5 holds these mantras within them just as each kit is packed with love and presence.

3: C A N + E N D
6: H A N D L E + H U N G E R
5: H E A R T + T O D A Y

We also love that 365 represents the days in a year, and with that we also add the intention that children can use Heart Surgery Kit as a Daily Practice. We feel that this process is fun and effective for children, and is a great addition to a bedtime routine every night. This daily practice allows children to nurture their focus tool everyday on their hearts, so that they can be empowered with a depth of understanding of how to free their heart when challenged. Kits are available on our website for purchase!

About the Heart Surgery Kit™

The Heart Surgery Kit is a unique, creative, mindfulness practice kit for children and adults developed by psychotherapist Elizabeth Winkler. With easy to understand instructions, children can experience the benefits of mindfulness through a fun and easy process. Developed for use with grade school children in California, the kit has now been used all over the world including Sierra Leone where your purchase of a kit will help to end hunger! Kits can be used by a single child or multiple kits can be employed in groups or classrooms.