We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home

We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home

We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home on hand illustration

"We are all walking each other home." – Ram Dass

This being a human thing is not easy. It can feel overwhelming and dark at times. Whatever pain you are facing, you are not alone. We all are threads in the fabric of this tapestry of humanity, and we all experience the vast range of human emotion.

Use it all.

Every pain, sadness, anger, frustration is a path to freedom. The key is acceptance. Accept and feel the feelings you have, otherwise, you will have a heavy heart unable to heal.

We tend to turn away, to resist, when a challenge arises. What if you did not run away from the challenge or pain, but met it with curiosity, acceptance, and loving awareness?

This is why I frame F.E.A.R. as a Friend Existing As Resistance because when you meet your pain with love, compassion is born.

The mind labels things as good or bad. This is judgment, which creates division and misunderstanding both within us and in the world. The things you judge most in the world are the things you have condemned the most within yourself, leading you to project these feelings onto others. This is your shadow. You can bring light to the shadow within. See every challenge you face as an awakener. The energy that stirs within you is a hand reaching up, calling you back home to your heart.

You have the opportunity to alchemize this energy in your heart. Every emotional activation is your invitation to deeper levels of freedom. Allow yourself to bring loving awareness to the physical sensations of your emotion, and the wisdom within these wounds will open and resolve as they dissolve.

I offer you the Sanskrit mantra Tat Tvam Asi, which means, "I am that” to say every time you fall into judgment to remind yourself “I am that.” With this awareness, we deepen clarity and reverence for our human experience. I am grateful for this life and for all the ways each of you walks me home to what I have left to heal within my heart.

May we remember that we are all walking each other home… ♾

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Upcoming Offerings

In the spirit of walking each other home, I will be starting up a new group: FIND YOUR FREQUENCY & FLOW. Groups are a wonderful way to realize how the human experience is universal. We often get caught in our personal story which perpetuates shame and guilt. In groups, we connect with how we all have this pain and we can move beyond it more easily together. I would love to share this process time with you. You can always email me with questions.

To hold your spot, click the link below, and if you have questions, let me know!

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