Elizabeth and Chloe Meditate

Healing this Holiday

As we enter Thanksgiving today with family, friends or on your own, may we take time to pause and remember that our deepest power lies within. Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for so many but there are many ways to change the paths we feel so stuck to in life. We often fall asleep to the power which lies within us and one of my deepest desires with my clients is to awaken them to the power we all have right here in this moment.

If this doesn’t feel remotely within your reach, I am here to remind you that there is a well of energy within every heart that can heal and nurture those more challenged aspects inside. Often, we push away or forget the pain inside, thinking this is the best path. When we cut off in this way, we feel isolated and lonely even with large groups of friends. There are ways to heal.

Elizabeth hugs her children as they all smile in the desert.

These two are my 🌍 and they certainly do show me where I have edges that need to heal and soften. I have learned through my own work that as I accept and align with the challenges I encounter, I can grow through what I go through.

Intention and attention are two of the most powerful forces on the planet and they are in our control. If we have patterns of behavior we want to change we must remember to pause daily and inquire into where we are focusing our attention and what is our intention.

Daily Reflections

What ripple do you want to create in your inner and outer environments today?

What is your intention?

How can you refocus your attention right now on matters that are aligned to your deepest values?

Choose an intent that aligns with the ripple you desire to leave on the planet. Is it one of gratitude, healing, peace, love, understanding, compassion, bravery, or freedom? Pick or create an intention that feels nourishing to you and allow that intention to grow through the powerful force of your attention. As we know, where attention goes energy flows, so if you feel stuck, let’s refocus your attention right now.

Seem too simple? Yes it is quite simple, yet the effect is powerful. If you notice a challenge arising within your heart today, remember your intention and bring your focus back to that which matters most.

If you desire further guidance, I invite you to join me individually or with a tribe in the coming new year! We have many online groups forming in 2020 that are at capacity but we are happy to add you to the waitlist!

May this holiday season be one of healing for you and your loved ones.

From our hearts to yours,
Eli, Elizabeth and Chloe

feet in front of a campfire in the desert with a striking night sky above in a deep blue