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The Well Within You

2019 was a year of transformation for me. I chose to commit deeply to meditation by becoming a certified meditation teacher. I started meditating 20 years ago, but when I shifted from a crisis meditator to a daily meditator, close to 5 years ago, my life entered a whole new realm. This gift of presence is one I love sharing with my clients and so this year I committed to davidji’s Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training which I loved in every way. I am aware that this is only the beginning of much more for me to learn and expand into and I am grateful to share these valuable tools with clients, friends, and loved ones of all ages.

mindfulness for helping college students deal with overwhelming stress and anxiety

This past fall my work expanded onto college campuses with the focus of helping college students deal with overwhelming stress and anxiety. Spending time with these college students at the group and individual level reminded me of my own college struggles. It was the most challenging time of my life, due to my mothers sudden death and I had no tools to deal with the stress effectively. I attended psychotherapy during these years. Working closely in the college community feels very karmic, and I am grateful I am able to provide effective strategies which equip these growing young adults with tools I feel are essential to living a happy and healthy life. I look forward to continuing to pass these meditation and mindful tools to more college campuses in 2020.

I’ve added a 5 minute meditation below to help you settle into your inner calm and clear presence. This meditation teaches you a simple and quick strategy you can use to break conditioned patterned behavior.

Download 5 Minute Meditation MP3

After the meditation, you will be in a more open space to clearly set your intentional commitments for 2020.

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Allow this year to be one of 2020 clear vision for transformation and growth both inside and out. Let’s look more closely at the commitments we can make in each realm of existence. As davidji says, “when we look at life through the filter of the 5 realms we find clarity.”

PHYSICAL (sleep, health, body, diet, sex)
EMOTIONAL (triggers, reactivity, hot buttons)
MATERIAL (abundance, money, possessions)
RELATIONSHIP (starts with relationship to self and extends beyond)
SPIRITUAL (connection to source, purpose, meaning, self-actualization)

With a paper and pen write down each realm and focus on how you can nurture each area in a way that feels good for you. Where are you out of balance? How you can use the power of your attention partnered with an intentional commitment for each realm so that 2020 can be a year of greater growth, clarity, conscious creation and alignment.


In 2❤2❤ I have committed to sharing more mindful and meditation tools with more people by expanding my accessibility through Zoom calls and I will be releasing my very first 4 week E-COURSE which will help you upgrade your awareness, align with your inner calm, and equip you with tools to navigate through turbulent times. If you or anyone you know may be interested in living life with a deeper connection to presence and peace then feel free to forward this message or email me with your interest.

In deep gratitude,

Elizabeth D. Winkler