hand touching water

Living with a Calm + Courageous Heart

;These times are deeply challenging on every level. In nearly two decades of working with clients, I have never seen so much fear, despondency, pain, and uncertainty.  Now is the time to turn inward toward the unfinished business of our hearts.  We can get lost in the restlessness of our fearful minds or come down deep into the healing of our vast and courageous hearts.

Tools help.
Breathing helps.
Pausing helps.
I am here to help...

The important thing is not giving up.  Your existence matters.  As Winston Churchill said, “When you are going through hell, keep going."  These difficult times are birthing a new paradigm within us and the world.  I have found the practice of meditation to be the most grounding and transformational tool of my life.  I recorded a meditation on Sunday as an offering to connect with the reservoir of calm that lives within each one of us.  Through our breath, we are able to access the space within where letting go becomes possible.  I invite you to listen to this guided practice and allow whatever turbulence you may be experiencing to become transmuted into the nourishment of your heart.

I also offer this podcast from Jack Kornfield, which I found very comforting during this restless time.  Please reach out if you feel alone, and remember we are all threads connected in this tapestry of life.  We are strengthened by each other and are bound together as one.

My latest meditation is now available on Instagram and will be available on Insight Timer tomorrow.  Let me be your Guide Inside through a 12-minute anxiety-reducing and healing meditation.  This is a meditation to ground you through all of the emotions we may face this week.

hand touching water

Our Divine’s Women Healing Circle will commence this Thursday at 10AM PST.  I invite you to join in on a profound journey, where we discuss and move through healing modalities.  We will discuss how to harness the challenges that face us, and the restlessness and angst we might be feeling.  Now is the time to join together as one, relinquishing our fears and moving forward in light and love together.