I can handle my heart illustration

Pausing with Uncertainty

I can handle my heart illustration

We have been paused, here and now in this present moment together in the middle of an unprecedented time.  My question is, how can we use the pause to appreciate the lessons within the pain and uncertainty?

My life is dedicated to turning towards pain and becoming friendly with the great unknowns of life.  The uncertainty of our world is highlighted in a way we have never faced before.  In order to grow through this, we must remember to direct our attention towards the choices we have and not become cemented in the fear.  Although we are social distancing and quarantined at home, writing out the possibilities of things we CAN do during this time will create a shift in our perception of the situation.  To give you a start, below are some of the things that I advise clients to do and have been trying myself:

    • Access free online healing workshops, classes, meditations, and support groups
    • Read a book that you didn’t have the time for but have been meaning to start.  Or, find a new one that you find intriguing.
    • Meditate; start to create a practice for yourself
    • Enjoy nature
    • Take a free Ivy League course online
    • Create a sacred space in your home that is cozy and calming
    • Write
    • Create a gratitude journal (one for each family member) that you can write in daily
    • Express yourself through art.  It’s okay if you’re not an artist, just create!
    • Cook/bake; try a new recipe
    • Make uplifting signs that you can hang outside for passerby’s to enjoy on their walks
    • Walk outside
    • Clean out your space; get rid of any clutter
    • Exercise; take an online class or workout on your own
    • Smell the flowers
    • Reach out to loved ones to maintain connections (telephone, FaceTime)
    • Virtual dates; arrange a time with friends/family to virtually share a coffee or have a bite via FaceTime, Zoom, or any other platform that you’d like

family meditation

My children and I joined in a global prayer Sunday morning for 2 minutes.  It is so powerful to find ways that we can come together and spread healing love to our entire globe.  I especially want to send healing love to those that are feeling the pain of grief and loss right now.  We will get through this together!  Remember, we are one human family and in this great pause, we can connect and nurture the flame within our hearts to burn and heal the unmet aspects inside of us.  Below, I have included several free resources and am happy to connect you to any other resources that you might need.  Please reach out if you have any questions; I am here to help and support.
heart surgery: A workshop on heart healing with Elizabeth Winkler


I will be leading a free HEART HEALING webinar specifically for children next week via WellSet.  Click here to stay informed!

WellSet is providing free daily online programs with trained practitioners to help create a sense of community and promote healing 

Free Ivy League Courses

Insight Timer: provides free meditations and meditation courses

Heart Surgery Kit: a mindfulness tool that I created to help children manage their many emotions.  Click to purchase!

Upcoming Virtual Course:
untethered soul virtual course

Untether the mind, free the heart.  I have run many groups on this book and have taught the teachings to many individuals.  Going through this text on a group level is a very deep and enlightening experience that I am excited to offer to all of you!  I have spent 1:1 time with Singer and have integrated the process of spiritual awakening into my own work.  This is very much the basis of how I work; it is deep, effective, and transformative.  The intent is to learn useful practices to help you overcome fear-based blocks and tap you into a sense of liberation that comes from pure presence.   Are you ready to step out of fear and step into freedom?  Click here to let us know if you’d like to sign up *limited spaces available or email info@elizabethwinkler.com.