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Starting Your Meditation Practice

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already. 

Pema Chödrön

In the last weeks, I have witnessed many losses among clients and friends. This is a very challenging time for so many of us and I hope that if you are struggling that you reach out and let someone know. When we face loss we often feel we have nowhere to turn, and during social distancing this may be exacerbated for many of us. Over the years I have endured many difficult losses that broke my heart in ways I thought I could never repair. Gratefully through my meditation journey, I have been able to meet these traumas with acceptance, love and healing. I was able to come home to my heart. If you are new to meditation, now is the perfect time to begin! 

1. Commit to Daily Morning Practice:

This time at home is a perfect time to develop a daily morning practice.  A study in the book Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan shows that what we do the first 30 minutes of our day will dictate the trajectory of our day. If we meditate before reading texts and news headlines, we will be better equipped to face any turbulence we may face that day. No matter what, we can make the choice to first click on a guided meditation before we click on texts, social media, and the news. Your stress level will go down and your relationships will also reap the benefits.

2. Pause + Breathe:

davidji said, “We can hold our breath for 6 months or we can learn to breathe.” When the fire of frustration begins in your heart or mind, use this practice to interrupt the flame turning into a bonfire of fighting. Once you notice the fire beginning; close your eyes, bring your focus to your breath, and allow the wind of your breath to calm the turbulence within you. Simply breathing with your awareness on the breath will soothe and calm the weather within you.

Integrating these practices into our lives will allow us to reenter life after quarantine with a deeper connection to the home within ourselves.  With this deep connection, we are more capable to face the turbulence ahead. I’m always here to support you and grateful for our connection.  For a deeper dive, take a look at my 7 Steps!


During this time of uncertainty, our minds are full of fear and racing thoughts and it is especially important to take a pause and nurture our hearts. I am grateful to offer a heart healing meditation for everyone to listen to.