text of: Pause what you are doing and bring your awareness to the weather within you

These Four Steps Changed My Life

Here we are again, back at home with no end in sight. Yesterday, California announced returning to previous restrictions to hopefully decrease the spread of COVID-19.  With the state of the world today, it can be difficult to find peace within. We feel powerless, yet we do have control over how we respond to the issues we face.

This mindfulness practice is something that I swear by. It can be immensely helpful when you get triggered and reactivity starts to brew inside you. Take a moment to Pause, Notice and Settle.

We are all living in uncertainty.  Sometimes, the uncertainty feels like it is smothering us. But, over the years, every single day, I have done deep work to identify the four keys to elevate, connect, nourish and thrive. And I want to share them with you.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce my five-week course on thriving in these uncertain times. Because you are a valued member of my “inside community,” I am offering you a discount of $50 off. Secure Your Spot

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