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Stepping into Surrender with Michael Singer

Dear friends,

Earth Day 2023 will always hold a significant place in my heart. Just over two weeks ago, I had the privilege of walking with Michael Singer for three hours in the fields of Alachua, listening to the birds singing and his personal stories of how his life unfolded through surrender. For those of you who know Singer's story, you will understand why this was such a dream come true for me. Hearing the subtle nuances from him as we walked on the land and visited the places where it all unfolded was beyond words. I am deeply grateful for this time I was given.

Mickey is a deeply transformational teacher. His impact on me has shifted not only how I live my daily life, but also how I guide my clients and groups into deep healing process work. I discovered him over a decade ago and was drawn to his talks like a moth to a flame. The summer of 2015, I devoured his third book, The Surrender Experiment, and that's when the heart's alchemy became alive for me. I was able to heal the hole I felt I lived with in my heart from the loss of my mother at the age of 19. By implementing his teachings of relax and release, I was able to bring transmutation into the energy that I resisted, so what used to hold me back became what lifted me up. It felt like a miracle, and that was why I visited him twice that year. The fall of 2015 was when I began running process book groups on The Untethered Soul, which many of you have attended over the years.

Now, eight years later, my trip had no agenda. It felt like the right time to come back to the woods and soak in the brilliance of Mickey’s teachings, the community and see what life had to show me.

Mickey often reminds us that we are on a planet spinning in space, but this past visit I heard him take it beyond that reference point.

Solar system with a place marker stating you are here

You are on a planet spinning in space. Be aware of the small space that you take up on Planet Earth and understand that 1.3 million Planet Earths can fit inside the sun, which is one star of 300 billion stars in our galaxy, and our galaxy is one of two trillion galaxies…

Read that again, and again out loud to someone in your life. Take in the awe around you wherever you are on this planet right now. That is what Mickey continues to remind you and himself as he moves through each moment.

We forget this so easily. We waste so much energy on the personal planet of ME ME ME, our personal mind's drama, which heightens anxiety, fosters isolation, and deepens depression. Through remembering the truth of who we are, we can allow the problems we face to be the doorway to deeper freedom and growth. Life is a direct result of what level you choose to live from. You have a choice, but first, you need to see it. The voice in your head is not YOU; you are noticing it. Allow it to be beside you and refocus on what is true and present right here and now. This is how your pain becomes your Power As I Notice it. It is all in how we meet our pain and fear.

If you would like some support or guidance, I am offering a new meditation group on Wednesday's at 11am PST where you can deepen your connection to your true nature. Meditation has always been a valuable tool to awaken to the restless monkey mind we all share. The answer is not to quiet it but rather to not be a slave to it. Join me as we untether our identification with the mind's endless wandering desires and become more conscious of the ways you can live from your depth. The power of presence is the key…

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As always, I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you are taking time to be with nature and the awe-inspiring universe around us. Remember, you have the power to choose how you respond to difficult situations and to use them as a doorway to deeper growth and freedom.

Before we parted ways, Michael Singer's final words to me were to keep letting go. I carry that message with me, and I hope it can inspire you to do the same. Let us continue to release what no longer serves us and embrace the freedom and awe of the present moment.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. If you or someone you know needs support or guidance, please don't hesitate to forward this message or reach out. Together, we can navigate the journey toward healing and transformation.

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