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7 Days To Cultivate Joy

Yesterday, I started a new live miniseries: 7 Days to Cultivate Joy on Instagram. The energy in the cosmos this week supports deep, positive, and transformational shifts. On Monday 12.14.20, we had a Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, which marks a major new beginning in our ability to transcend our fear-based thinking and commit more deeply to our truth. I began Day 1 of 7 Days of Cultivating Joy with the topic TRUTH by asking, "What's your North Star?"

When we stay in connection with this inquiry, we orient to abundance and love and are less pulled into the corridors of fear-based thinking such as: defensiveness, comparing, and personalizing. This brings situations to light so that you can move forward in power, love, and joy.

In my miniseries, from December 14th to December 20th, I will select a new topic daily and go live on my Instagram (live times will vary—keep up with my stories!); as we delve into each topic, you'll learn how to harness all the energy in the cosmos and tap into how you might cultivate small moments of joy in your daily life.

I started this series so we could harness the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is one week before the Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction of 2020. For those of you who don’t know about this major shift, I encourage you to become aware and cultivate joy as we head into this major transition. After close to 300 years in the earth element, which promoted materialism and consumerism, we now are moving into the Air Element on 12/21, which will focus on innovation, truth, awakenings, and unity.

Additionally, so many of us have faced loss this year, and, on Sunday, I had the opportunity to share on Instagram how we can heal our grieving hearts. I lost my mother at age of 19, and one of my passions is to share the many heart-healing processes that soothe the soul, as well as the countless ways we can honor our loved ones who have passed for years to come. Recently, I got to speak with Talk About Loss, and you can watch the entire Instagram live here. Grief can come in many forms, and whatever you're grieving this year or have lost, I invite you to watch my Instagram lives reach out to work 1-1 as you healthily propel yourself into 2021 through 7 days of joy. We all are facing so much change and joy may feel distant, but I want to encourage you to find simple ways to cultivate joy as we end 2020.

Women's Healing Circle


Our Divine’s Women Healing Circle will commence this Thursday at 10AM PST. I invite you to join in on a profound journey, where we discuss and move through healing modalities.



I am so excited to announce the launch of the 8-week workshop SOUL MECHANIX which I will be co-hosting with Dr. Olivia Audrey.  This course will explore the archeology of the soul and empower you with the tools and understanding which empower you to align to your depth, create with purpose, and allow the turbulence you face in life to be the impetus for your expansion! Secure your spot for this dynamic course beginning in January 2021!


I am so excited to begin this group in 2021 and offer many ways for you to employ your mind with this powerful tool of transformation. Learn easy and applicable affirmations as well as Sanskrit sound pharmaceuticals. Healing will be abundant with simple ways to integrate these practices in your daily life.

For free meditations, allow me to be your Guide Inside on Insight Timer.  My passion is to equip clients with tools to free the mind, heal the heart, and come home to your true Self.