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Starting Your Meditation Practice

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we...
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SINGER SOUL SUNDAYS 🦋 UNTETHERED ONLINE 🤍 “The mind is a place where the soul hides from the...
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How To Avoid Fighting With Your Partner While Isolating

From The Zoe Report: How To Avoid Fighting With Your Partner While Isolating I hope that you and...
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Pausing with Uncertainty

We have been paused, here and now in this present moment together in the middle of an unprecedented time.  My question...
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Couples Meditation Could Be The Solution

This Valentine's day I had the honor of being quoted in a new article from the Zoe Report...
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The Well Within You

2019 was a year of transformation for me. I chose to commit deeply to meditation by becoming a...
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Healing this Holiday

As we enter Thanksgiving today with family, friends or on your own, may we take time to pause...
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Liddy’s Love on CBS

Marriage and family therapist Elizabeth Winkler drops by the CBS KCAL9 studio to talk about the Liddy's Love...
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LIddy’s Love

LOVE PROJECT🌹 In 1 week, a love ripple will begin. It is about REMEMBERING our human family and...
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Heart Surgery Kit Spanish Expansion

We are pleased to announce our Mindfulness Kits for Kids are now available in a second language, Spanish....
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Time has flown by this year and I wanted to pause and reflect on the power of integrating...
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It Over Easy Divorce Sucks Podcast

I am honored to be this week’s guest on the Divorce Sucks podcast on It's Over Easy! The...
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Shattered Conception: Mindfulness in the Therapeutic Process

Shattered Conception Podcast By Dr. Ivy Love Margulies About the Podcast: Shattered Conception is an important resource for...
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She’s Got Moxie Podcast

From Smart Women Smart Solutions® by Joy Chudacoff Have you ever taken a ‘noticing’ break? Maybe you should....
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#3 Waking up thru Divorce with Elizabeth Winkler

From Awakenings in Real Life Welcome back to Awakenings in Real Life! Conversations about the spiritual journey of...
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INTENTION + 365 As we approach a new year, we are planting our New Year’s Intentions with our...
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